2012 Summer Bucket List Recap

My mother-in-law wrote a comment on my 2012 Summer Bucket List post the other day to see how I did, which made me realize that I never posted an update.  I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, especially since I dropped off the face of the earth for most of August.  More motivation for next summer!

Here are the details…

1.  NOPE – I could kick myself for not making more ice cream this summer, as it is totally my new obsession.  I did make strawberry, honey lavender, lemon verbena and cinnamon peach, all of which were delish.  I found a recipe for pumpkin spice latte that I might have to make this month!

2.  NOPE – I did not do nearly the amount of cooking and baking this summer as I had planned.  I underestimated just how cranky I would be in my hot kitchen. We kept things as simple as possible, used the grill a lot, frequented our favorite stand by restaurants, and escaped to our parents houses a lot.

3.  YES – Molly girl got lots of walks/runs this summer!

4.  SO-SO – Definitely didn’t go to hot yoga once a week, but did go several times as well as frequented spinning class.

5.  SO-SO – We did go to Kennywood, and it was everything we thought it would be.  We also visited and became members at Phipps.

6.  NOPE – We never rented bikes or kayaks…super disappointed with this one! 🙁

7.  NOPE – We didn’t make it to Cleveland for a baseball game and good eats at Lola.

8.  SO-SO – Didn’t get to all of the restaurants on the list, but we did try Habitat, Alma, Verde, Union Pig & Chicken, Burgatory, Legume & The Porch.

9.  YES – We spent lots of time at the backyard Oasis.  We treated it like a vacation spot on weekends when it was too hot to bear being in our house.

10.  YES – Read lots o’ books, including the 50 Shades trilogy and numerous in the Stephanie Plum series…do not judge me.

Needless to say, I did not live up to my high expectations for the summer. But don’t worry, my birthday is next week and I’ll have an awesome 30 before 30 list coming at ya.  It told you I love lists!

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