30 Before 30

I love lists.  Further, I love the satisfaction of crossing off items on my to-do lists.  It gives me this amazing sense of accomplishment.  Lists motivate me.

Therefore, due to my 27th birthday coming and going this lovely month of October, I am making a 30 Before 30 list.  I have been inspired by so many other bloggers lists (few examples here, here & here).

1. Become a mommy.

2. Learn to sew useful things: hem pants, make curtain panels & pillows, etc.

3. Run a ½ marathon.  Feeling very inspired by this one.

4. Take a photoshop and/or photography class.

5. Create and order our wedding album.

6. Become a board member of a non profit whose cause I feel passionately about.

7. Learn to make homemade puff pastry.

8. Add another bathroom to our 2nd floor of our home.

9. Establish a healthy, cushioned emergency fund.

10. Take a class at Sunday Suppers with one of my best gal friends in Brooklyn.

11. Go to a food blogger conference, like BlogHer or Foodbuzz.

12. Join a book club.

13. Get more involved in my church community.

14. Take a girls-only vacation with some of my fabulous college friends.

15. Refinish the furniture in our guest bedroom.

16. Plan an amazing birthday bash for a loved one.

17. Hike through Cinque Terra with my hubby.

18. Visit an art museum by myself, get the headphone tour and complete it.

19. Pay off my credit cards and continue to pay them off IN THEIR ENTIRETY each month.

20. Row in a boat on the Allegheny River to relive my high school crew days.

21. Grow a successful vegetable garden in my back yard.

22. Pay it forward to a stranger.

23. See at least 1 of my former middle school students get their high school diploma.

24. Watch the sunrise.

25. Own a pair of totally frivolous Christian Louboutin pumps.

26. Have a signature cocktail that I always serve to my guests.

27. Beat my husband at the Smarty Pants Wii game.

28. Rock a sexy little black dress for a special occasion (maybe 5 year wedding anniversary?).

29. Have enough money to write a sizable donation check to a charity that does meaningful work in my community.

30. Start a yearly beach vacation tradition with friends.

This is going to be a great next 3 years…I am going to dominate this list!!!

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  1. Posted November 5, 2012 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    10 and 30 are my fave! hope you’ll blog your way through each item.

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