{Baby Babble} Starting Solids

So since this is a blog about food and I have a baby, I figure it’s about time I share our experience with starting solid foods with Connor!
connor collage Now, as a disclaimer, I do not claim to be an expert, and it’s always best to review things with your pediatrician.  I will just share what our experience was like.

At Connor’s 4 month check-up, our pediatrician suggested that we start introducing rice or oatmeal cereal.  He was consuming a pretty large amount of formula each day (more than 30 ounces, what a piggy!) and they wanted us to get the amount down a bit.  He had already been showing interest in what we eat and had started reaching for our food and drink.  So I did a bit of research and went out to buy Earth’s Best oatmeal cereal.  I chose to start with oatmeal because Connor wasn’t a regular pooper and rice cereal is a binder.  For some reason it didn’t agree with his belly and made him spit up quite a bit, so we went ahead with rice anyway.

After a few weeks of some belly issues, I called the office and asked some advice.  The wonderful nurses ensured me that I didn’t need to panic and that I should just start mixing the rice cereal with prunes or pears.  They also suggested that we start giving a couple ounces of juice (diluted with water) to help move his digestive system along.  Once we started adding these things to our routine, we had much less tummy trouble!

After his 6 month check-up, we introduced other foods, starting with sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, pears and peaches.  My boy liked just about everything we put in front of him and was a good eater from the start…he fits right into this family!  We worked up to solids two times per day by about 7 months and three times per day at around 8 months.  I have a very hungry boy on my hands.

For the next baby, I may skip cereal all together and just start with peas or sweet potatoes around 6 months.

Here’s my advice to mamas trying this for the first time:
1.  Start slow. Solid food is only meant to supplement breast milk or formula until babies are a year old.  Also, their systems are sensitive and need time to adjust to new foods.  Make sure you give their systems time to adjust to different types; we always waited 3 days.  Be aware that solids change the poop, so don’t panic!
2.  Prepare for a mess.  Food will be everywhere, just embrace it.  We introduced food in the evenings, so he could go straight to the bath afterwards.
3.  Have a camera at the ready.  You will want to snap several photos of the silly faces your baby will make for sure.  Videos are awesome as well, you’ll want documentation of the crazy noises they make while they eat.
4.  Let your baby lead the process.  If they don’t do much eating for a while and just want to play with or spit their food, that’s okay!  If they are little piggies like Connor and can’t get enough, that’s okay, too!  Whether you are buying food or making your own, just have fun with it and don’t compare your experience to anyone else’s.  Enjoy that your little one is now a part of family meal time!

I’d love to hear any advice you mamas out there have…please share!

Tomorrow I’ll share my favorite products for meal time!

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