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My Baby is THREE!

THREE!!!! How is that even possible?!? My kid turned 3 on Friday. He does so many great things now that just amaze me. He’s silly and fiery and loving, and I still can’t quite believe I made him. He’s also a crazy little boy and has started asking “why” at least 100 times per day…God […]

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First Birthday Fun!

Connor’s First Birthday was May 20th.  Hold on, let me get my megaphone…ONE!!!  How did I blink and a my tiny baby is a toddler???  We celebrated with close family and friends on Memorial Day weekend.  It was a blast. Party planning is my crack, it’s almost therapeutic for me.  The ability to create something […]

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{Baby Babble} Starting Solids Favorite Finds

After just about 5 months of solid food eating at this house, here are the products we couldn’t live without! 1. Munchkin Bowls 5 pack $4.49 –  These are a perfect size and price point.  I’m sure there are plenty of good bowls out there, but these work for us! 2. Joovy Nook High Chair $149.99 – We […]

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{Baby Babble} Starting Solids

So since this is a blog about food and I have a baby, I figure it’s about time I share our experience with starting solid foods with Connor! Now, as a disclaimer, I do not claim to be an expert, and it’s always best to review things with your pediatrician.  I will just share what […]

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