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Basil-Rubbed Pork Chops with Nectarine-Blue Cheese Salad

We are really loving our grill this summer.  It makes life easier in general, and just feels like a summer tradition. This is a great grilling recipe, keeping your kitchen free of heat from the oven and dirty pots and pants. The flavor of the grilled nectarines is wonderful, and the addition of the creamy […]

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Asparagus-Pancetta Hash

I don’t believe that words can accurately describe my love of dinners that are all mashed up into one dish.  So any sort of hash just makes me weak in the knees…sometimes I find it odd the way I think about food… Anyway, this hash rocks.  It is the perfect springtime meal.  I love it […]

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Rigatoni Pugliese

As far as hearty pasta dishes go, this one really hits the spot.  It has a smooth, rich texture created by chickpea puree instead of butter and cream.  So it has the full-bodied, earthy flavor without a lot of fat…and honestly you don’t even miss the richness of a lot of butter.  It is surely […]

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Stuffed Meatloaf

Mario is the boss of all things Italian in this house…we cook his food at least one night a week.  I’m fairly certain he has never let us down either.  This luxurious take on meatloaf is really awesome…it is packed with flavor while having a bit fancier presentation than the original. You will need: 1 […]

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Andouille Crusted Pork Chops with Sweet Potato-Smoked Chile Grits

Holy toledo, these pork chops rock.  The key to a juicy, tender pork chop is brining it before you cook it.  Brining was originally used to preserve meats and fish before we had refrigerators, but now is a popular way to prepare meats, especially cuts that lack fat.  This preparation tenderizes the meat and helps […]

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Pulled pork

I’ve never made pulled pork before (gasp)…I’ve eaten it and thoroughly enjoyed it, but never made it in my kitchen. So when I went over to check out what The Pioneer Woman is cooking lately and saw her recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork, I knew instantly this is the recipe to pop my […]

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