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Farmers Market Summer Pasta

Sometimes the best dinners are the ones you make up on a whim with what you have in your house.  This, my friends, is one of those dinners.  Holy moly, so flippin’ delicious.  It is the epitome of summer…in a bowl.  It’s even better if you can find homemade pasta…or if you are feeling daring […]

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Pancetta, Tomato & Mascarpone Fettuccine

This is one of those recipes I have on a tiny, stained piece of paper.  It’s shoved in my giant binder of recipes that I’ve pulled from magazines or printed from websites.  It’s practically committed to memory.   I’m not sure where the original idea for this recipe came from, but it’s current iteration is […]

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Linguini with Sausage & Kale

As I said a couple posts ago, I’m totally into kale lately.  This pasta is delicious and packs some serious protein…and as far as pasta goes, I feel like it’s not so unhealthy.  That is always a bonus in my book because I could eat pasta every day of my life…it is my kryptonite.  Matt […]

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Buffalo Chicken Shells & Cheese

I’ve never been disappointed in one of Jessica’s recipes, and this one is no exception.  I normally don’t crave macaroni and cheese in the summer time, as it tends to be on the heavier side, but for some reason the moment I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I changed my tune.  It was delicious. you […]

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Summer Pasta with Ricotta, Pancetta & Peas

Any way I can find to make pasta feel like an {almost} healthy option for an easy and fast summer dinner I am totally on board. Pasta is my comfort food…well carbs in general are, but I have a particular love of noodle-y goodness. This is a great spring/summer dish that you can whip up, […]

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Two Easy Summer Sides

Side dishes are my fave.  I’ve been know to fill up a plate with mostly sides and only a little bit of whatever the main course or meat option is.  I mean, I HAVE to try everything, right?  Well, at this is my rationalization, and I’m sticking to it! These two recipes are my summer […]

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Lemon & Arugula Pasta

This is my new favorite spring/summer pasta dish.  It’s so light and delicious.  The lemon is bright and fresh, the garlic and red pepper flakes give it a zing and the arugula balances everything with it’s peppery flavor.  And well, everything gets better when you top it with a heap of yummy cheese, right?  Angel […]

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Creamy Baked Mac & Cheese

Ooey-gooey-cheesy-goodness makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Macaroni and cheese is one of those foods that I crave after an icky day, especially in the cold months.  Annie really got this recipe right, it’s the perfect amount of cheesiness, yet still packs some nice flavors.  And the panko bread crumb topping is delish.  This is […]

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Papperdalle with Lamb Ragu

Almost two years ago, the hubby found this recipe in an issue of Wine Spectator magazine and it quickly became one of our absolute favorite winter pasta dishes.  It offers a more flavorful and rich take on traditional ragu sauce, but honestly, I’ll never go back to the old stuff.  The sauce can easily be […]

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Lemon Parmesan Spaghetti

Oh the holiday season, I just love it.  The decorations, twinkle lights, music, shopping, presents and the baking, oh the baking.  It just makes me jolly.  It truly is the season of giving in my opinion, and I love to give, especially edible items from my kitchen.  I have some super fun recipes and gift […]

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