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{Feelings Friday} Life Lately

So. Many. Feelings. That statement describes my life in general, because I’m just a feeler, but particularly the last 6 weeks or so. Since the end of September, I’ve celebrated 7 years of marriage with my wonderful husband, found out I was pregnant after a year of trying, miscarried (again) at 7 weeks, turned 31, then […]

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{Feelings Friday} On birthdays…and lists

Oh hey 31, its nice to meet you. This birthday sort of snuck up on me…unlike last year, when 30 felt like this looming number with so many expectations. For my early 20’s self, turning 30 meant I was supposed to have all of my shit together. And while on the outside it may look […]

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{Feelings Friday} Mama Self Care

Mamas. Let’s chat. This #momlife is crazy. Being a mother is amazing; I adore my kid and absolutely positively cannot imagine my life without him. But there are just so many things that fill up my days, weeks, months that sometimes I feel like I might go a little bonkers. Between working full time, grocery […]

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{Feelings Friday} A little bit of my heart and soul…

This year, as we celebrated 3 years with our sweet Connor, I also felt like something was missing. Last summer, we decided to try adding a new little one to the family and after a few months, found out I was pregnant and my due date was the same as Connor’s, May 21st. But after […]

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My Baby is THREE!

THREE!!!! How is that even possible?!? My kid turned 3 on Friday. He does so many great things now that just amaze me. He’s silly and fiery and loving, and I still can’t quite believe I made him. He’s also a crazy little boy and has started asking “why” at least 100 times per day…God […]

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Yikes, that was a long break

So, I stopped blogging because it was stressing me out. Then I told myself I wouldn’t start up again until I really felt inspired to do so. And then I just didn’t for a long time. Sometimes, life can just be really hard. Things can happen that alter the coarse of our lives and complicate […]

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Hello Lovelies. As you can clearly see, I’ve been absent.  There are many reasons for this that I won’t bore you with…mostly because everyone is busy and I don’t want to whine. The reason I will explain goes back to my October post about being a working mama.  I really have been trying to unplug; to […]

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On Being a Working Mom…

Motherhood is amazing.  I am constantly in awe of my child and can’t believe how much joy Connor brings to my life.  Just today, I said to Matt, “can you believe we made this kid? How amazing is that?”  I have so much love in my heart when I look at him.  I want to be […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Dear Readers (I’m channeling Jennie right now), Please pardon my absence.  The school year has started.  I have entered the world of learning 76 student names as quickly as humanly possible, turning into a giant ball of sweat in our un-airconditioned building, sprinting through 5+ straight hours of teaching before I come up for air, then promptly […]

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Sun, Sand & A Drink in My Hand

Oh. my. gosh.  I’m in paradise. We arrived at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort on Saturday afternoon after a stop in Raleigh to see some friends. It was actually a pretty manageable drive and Connor did amazingly well.  He mostly slept and then we successfully bribed him with movies on the iPad and graham crackers. […]

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