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Food for the Soul

So I am going to share a few things about myself… -I get extremely cranky when I am hungry and/or sleep deprived. -When I am stressed out, I bake because I know the result will be just what I wanted. -I eat my feelings. -When someone I love is heartbroken, all I want to do […]

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Home Sweet Home!

It’s official, we are in the new house!  We’ve been sleeping here since last Satruday and have been working constantly to get settled.  Our family and friends have been awesome…helping us move, unpack, clean and nest in our new abode.  Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t fall off the face of the […]

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Sweet Valentine & the 1st Anniversary

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers!  I hope it was a day full of pink, flowers, cute cards, sweet treats and all things full of love! Or, maybe if you are like me, you were much to busy all together to do much celebrating.  This busyness could take the form of being swamped at work, ripping up […]

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Stuffed Meatloaf

Mario is the boss of all things Italian in this house…we cook his food at least one night a week.  I’m fairly certain he has never let us down either.  This luxurious take on meatloaf is really awesome…it is packed with flavor while having a bit fancier presentation than the original. You will need: 1 […]

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Mastering the art of French cuisine

Well, not quite, but this is a start!  For Christmas this year I mainly asked for items for my kitchen…what I grown up I am…well, I also asked for an outrageously overpriced Michele watch, but who’s keeping track?  Actually, I hope my husband is, but that is beside the point.  Several loved ones gave me […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Cheater Bites. This mother-daughter pair loves to cook, bake and just be in the kitchen in general.  We like to spend our evenings after work and weekends trying new, exciting recipes and making the yummy favorites we practically have memorized.   We are hoping that this blog serves as inspiration for us and […]

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