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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Trader Joe’s Cranberry-Pumpkin Pita Crisps

We’ve already discussed my love of all things pumpkin. I’m a sucker. Any pumpkin labeled item Trader Joe’s carries, I’m bound to buy and try at least once. Sometimes I’m thrilled with my decision, other times not so much (ahem, Halloween Joe-Joe’s). You guys, these are amazeballs! Sweet but not too sweet…taste like fall and sort of […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brew

It’s fall, which means its the season of pumpkin spice everything. That makes some people cringe and roll their eyes, but I, on the other hand, jump for joy. And I’m not apologizing for it. I’m a sucker for all of the fall marketing; I’m not ashamed. Give me all the pumpkin things! Naturally when […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Colette Paperie

It’s been a while since I’ve done a w-t-s post! I’m back at it this week with a totally non-food related suggestion for you all…Colette Paperie. I love witty cards…both getting them and sending them. Last year I found Keli last year at the Handmade Arcade and stood at her table cracking up for a […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

I’m an iced coffee addict. Once sunny spring days hit, I just can’t get enough. I could go to Dunkin or Starbucks daily for my fix, but that would be very bad for my wallet. So in order to not spend all of my fun money on coffee, I’ve been trying a few different store bought […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk

So I recently found out that I am lactose intolerant and likely have been for quite some time If that wasn’t a slap in the face…basically all of my favorite foods fit into the dairy category. Yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, half & half in my coffee…I’m telling you, its almost not worth drinking coffee […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Piebox

For Christmas this year, my mother-in-law gave me a Piebox. Obviously I was thrilled because who doesn’t need something like this to tote around homemade pies all summer?! I mean, maybe not everyone, but I definitely do. It sure beats make-shifting a carrier out of a cardboard box and towels. I’ve done that far too […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Sabatino’s Quinoa & Kale Chicken Patties

Sometimes shopping at Costco is just plain dangerous.  I can rarely get out of there without spending at least $100.  Why I find the need to buy in bulk so alluring I’m not sure.  I’ll chock it up to living in a culture that values excess.  Or maybe it is because Connor and I can […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Chobani Flip

Holy crap.  People, have you tried this stuff??  It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I quickly snatched up the Almond Coco Loco.  It’s coconut yogurt with toasted honey almonds and dark chocolate chips.  So flippin’ delicious (pardon the cheesy pun).  It was like dessert for breakfast and I’d like to eat one every […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Costco’s Sweet Kale Salad

Last week during a quick trip to Costco, I picked up this Taylor Farms sweet kale salad mix. It’s a mixture of broccoli slaw, shaved brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and chicory and comes with a packet of dried cranberries, roasted pumpkin seeds and poppyseed dressing.  Super delicious and low maintenance to boot.  Pretty much the best […]

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{Where to Shop Wednesday} Plated

So I want to share something awesome with you. You can have fabulous, fresh ingredients delivered to your door to make delicious dinners.  Plated, a New York based company, sends you fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes for a fun and convenient cooking experience.  Everything is pre-measured and ready to go, all you need is a […]

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