CSA Week #1

CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  It is simply a way for people in the community to be directly connected to the farms and farmers that grow their food.  Members subscribe to a portion of a farm or cooperative’s harvest for a given season, receiving a selection of items for a set number of weeks.  You will receive an entire season of produce grown right here in your area, and get to enjoy the taste, variety, and seasonal changes that our region has to offer.

I frequent farmer’s markets throughout the summer months, and this year I am not nearly organized enough to really reap the benefits.  My friend Amanda is a big proponent of buying local produce, eggs and meat and has had great experiences with her farm choices in Maryland.  I work for a school who’s mission is centered around sustainability and global impact of our actions.  It’s time to put my money where my mouth is, quite literally.  So, the research began…

Clarion River Organics Logo

After talking with a few people in Pittsburgh about their experiences with local CSA’s, I settled on Clarion River Organics.  A co-worker of mine used to work there and had so many wonderful things to say about them.  The group of 10 farms are all family owned and certified organic.  I already love them from the friendly feel of their emails.

I decided to sign up for the full share at $25 per week for the full growing season, which is 24 weeks. For the full shares, they include 6 to 10 different items each week, including 3 vegetables, a starchy vegetable, a fruit, a green, a lettuce, and an herb each week, as the season allows.  My colleague told me that they also include fun things like cheese and pasta at different times throughout the season.  YUM!
CSA Week 1

I picked up my first share on Saturday, which included:

  • one bunch of rhubarb
  • one bunch of green kale
  • one head of romaine lettuce
  • one head of green butterhead lettuce
  • bag of chive blossoms
  • two watermelon radishes
  • one jar sauerkraut
  • one package handmade spelt linguini from Ohio City Pasta

I’ll keep you posted with how I use all of the yummy food I receive each week.  I am hoping to be really inspired this summer!

Do you belong to a local CSA?  Tell me about your experiences!

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