Good Eats: E Squared Brunch

Breakfast is my jam.  I love it.  I would eat an extravagant meal for breakfast every day.  In reality, I lack the time and organization and it would be a terrible move for my waist line.  However, on the rare occasion that I get to go out for brunch, I savor every moment.  In the grand scheme of things, I think I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to brunch options, but let me tell you, E2 is flippin’ awesome.  It takes the brunch cake, if you will.
E2 brunch

They have a donut menu.  Yes, a whole menu.  You get this as you sit down and you have no idea what to pick because you want one of each.  We settled on the coconut donuts…ahhmazing.

Then you look up to the giant chalkboard for the real deal.  The brunch menu items change weekly, always featuring seasonal goodness.  I had a massive hash with runny eggs and a piece of toast the size of my face.  They have a nice balance of sweet and savory options, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

E2 is BYOB, so you can bring some bubbly to enjoy mimosas while you stuff yourself to full capacity with their delicious food.

My sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and I enjoyed every bite of our brunch, sipping mimosas and enjoying a visit.  It was a glorious morning.  I’d like to copy-paste to every weekend.

If you are a local, go this weekend.  If you are visiting soon, make this Highland Park gem a priority spot to grab a bite.  You won’t be disappointed!

Sidenote: Have any of you Pittsburghers tried their Sunday Sauce dinners?  I’m dying to go!

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