House Tour, Part One: The Outside

Instead of going on and on about products I love or where to shop, today I’ll share the first part of the house tour!  We’ve been here for just over 3 months (crazy!!!) so I suppose it’s time.

Let’s start with the view you get from our street.  As you can see we have several trees in our front yard and the house is on a slope set back a bit.  It’s really shady and full of chirping birds.  Molly dog is usually perched at the front door when it’s open…ya know, watching for new friends to play with.
All of the landscaping looks so small, but we’ve done a TON of work cleaning up and planting new trees, shrubs and ground cover.

Here’s a close up of the window box beneath my kitchen window.  I think it’s quite lovely, and can’t wait until it really takes off and the fills in.

Matt built this awesome paver patio and retaining wall just off of the side porch.  This past weekend we filled it with planters.  It’s so fun and inviting now!

planters & a banana pepper plant

We already spend tons of time on our lovely side porch.  We made a table out of an old singer sewing machine with a round piece of glass on top.  We found a great buffet style table and wall art at Home Goods and spray painted some old wire potting racks.  I made a terrarium, potted another succulent for the table and put my fiddle leaf fig out for extra summer sun.

On the side of the house by the driveway I planted my herbs.  It gets sun for most of the day, so it’s the best spot.  The only one I kept in a planter is my basil, everything else I put directly in the ground.  I’ll do a dedicated post soon for my herb garden and tell you all about my favorites!

Last is the side and back yard.  We are only at the beginning of all of the work necessary here, though we have probably filled close to 40 of those giant yard bags from all of the weeds, dead plants, leaves and debris.  We have some BIG dreams and plans for the giant back yard.  Someday…
So there ya go!  First part of the house tour.  Hopefully I’ll get my act together and photograph the rest of the house soon to share the inside.  I am just such a perfectionist and have so many more projects I want to do before I share with everyone.  But I promise on a day with good light when my house isn’t dirty or an unorganized mess, I will take some photos!

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  1. Keisha
    Posted June 7, 2012 at 7:02 am | Permalink

    I think I need the inside tour immediately. I may have to make the trip for that!

  2. Lyndsey
    Posted June 7, 2012 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    Ali, that outside table is awesome!!! Seriously. Great work!

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