My 2012 Summer Bucket List

It’s like Jennie read my mind today.  I’ve been thinking of this list and jotting down little notes to myself for the past two weeks of all the things I want to do this summer.

So now, I’m going to pretend like everyone wants to know the contents of my summer list.  I like to make lists…I mean I really like it.  I make at least one per day.  I feel a strong sense of gratification when I cross something off of it.

So here goes…

1. Make at least 10 varieties of ice cream using the ice cream maker I got at my wedding shower 3 years ago. The same ice cream maker that my husband berates me for NEVER using.  It only took me a few years to bust it out and figure out how the hell to use it (yes, I was confused at first).  I’ve already made 2 kinds this summer…so I figure if I add 10 more to that list he can’t give me grief about not using it anymore!  Also, homemade ice cream is one of my favorite things to shove in my face, especially when it’s a bazillion degrees outside.

2. Get recipes and inspiration from the many cookbooks I have on my shelves, including the giant binder full of pages I’ve ripped out of magazines.  As much as I adore Pinterest, I find myself relying solely on it for most of my meal planning.

3. Take Molly Dog for our morning/evening run at least twice a week.

c/o Busy Bee Photography

4. Go to hot yoga once a week.  This is both amazing and horrible at the same time.  Puzzling, I know, but I love it.

5. Go to Kennywood.  If you are from Pittsburgh, you totally understand why this is on my list.  I haven’t been for years, and I’d like to relive my teenage years of riding the Thunderbolt and Jack Rabbit and laughing so hard I almost pee.

5. Take advantage of living in such an artsy, museum filled city.  Matt and I agreed to go to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, as well as the Warhol and Phipps Conservatory.

6. Rent bikes and kayaks to explore the trails and rivers in the city. Maybe even do some cool Venture Outdoors activities.

7. Take a day trip to Cleveland for an Indian’s game with friends and to eat at Michael Symon’s restaurant, Lola.

8. Eat our way through our list of restaurants to try {Spoon.Toast.Dish.Salt of the Earth…just to name a few}.

9. Spend as much time at my in-laws amazing backyard oasis…hello pretty pool and fire pit.

10. Read 10+ books…some will be trashy, others will be teen lit.  Don’t judge, it’s summer and too hot to be serious.

What’s on your summer bucket list???

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  1. Mom 2
    Posted October 8, 2012 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Summer 2012 end, how did you do with your bucket list?

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