My Summer Garden

I had a lovely little herb garden this summer that I really enjoyed using.  Here’s the breakdown and a few photos!
herb garden My thyme and lavender plants came back from last year.  I planted parsley, rosemary, oregano and chives in the ground and basil in a pot.  It got very crowded this year, as everything did really well.  My mother-in-law let me in on her garden secret…sprinkling used coffee grounds on the soil around your herbs.  It gives them an amazing jolt of healthy growth!  Try it next year, it’s awesome.  I have tons left, so I need to get moving and use everything or find a way to save it!
monster tomato plants Here are my monster tomato plants.  I couldn’t believe how well they did this year…I usually am not so lucky with tomato plants.  I bought 2 tiny yellow cherry tomato plants from Garden Dreams Urban Nursery in May before Connor arrived.  I’d buy from them in the future, even though they are a little more expensive.  I love supporting a local business and knowing that no chemicals are used to grow them.  Only downside was that we planted them too close together and too close to other plants.  They got tangled and too full so some of the tomatoes started rotting.  Next year hopefully I’ll have more room for a vegetable garden in our back yard!

DSC_0632 Here’s a close up of the tomatoes!

I am planning to freeze all of my herbs so I can use them throughout the winter.  Also, tomorrow I’m making pesto to freeze…I can’t wait!

What did you grow this summer?  How do you use up your extra goodies at the start of fall?

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