Preggers Mocktail: Blood Orange Sangria

Um, I miss booze.  Like, a lot.  I didn’t think I’d miss it as much as I do, but man, do I salivate when I see a good cocktail going by at a restaurant.  I also miss wine.  You would think that I was a heavy drinker before getting knocked up, but not really.  I just really enjoy a good cocktail or glass of wine.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk mocktails.  This is a sorority term from back in the day.  When we had recruitment events, we served fun non-alcholic drinks to potential new members.  It felt classy.  Well friends, it still does.  I am a big water drinker, but usually stay away from soda.  During this pregnancy I’ve been really into various flavored bubbly water.  It gets boring drinking water all the time.  I also often mix perrier with a splash of juice and sliced fruit.  So when we had some friends over to watch the Super Bowl, I needed to make something that made me not salivate over the beer everyone else was drinking.
blood orange sangria mocktail

This did the trick!  Though next time I make it, I’ll add some booze.

you will need:
6 blood oranges
2 apples, roughly chopped
12 ounces strawberries, sliced
1 bottle blood orange soda (from Trader Joe’s)
1 bottle club soda
½ cup sugar, for rimming glasses

Zest one of the oranges and combine it with the sugar in a small bowl.  Using your fingers, rub the sugar and zest together until fragrant; set aside.  Juice 4 of the oranges.  Cut the remaining 2 into slices and chunks.

In a pitcher, combine the chopped oranges, apples and strawberries.  Add in the orange juice and sodas.  Mix to combine.  Rim each glass with the orange sugar, using water or citrus juice to make it stick.  Add a few ice cubes and pour in the sangria.

serves: 4 to 6
time: 10 minutes
adapted from: How Sweet It Is

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