Good Eats: Brgr Bar

So since we’ve been back in the Burgh, we’ve been slowly chipping away at our “must eat here” list, and boy have we been eating well.  Between the meals my Mum and I (but mostly my Mum) have been making and all these great restaurants, its no wonder my spinning classes aren’t doing me much good!

Anyway, a new favorite of mine: Brgr Bar in Penn Circle.  Man, do they know how to make a burger!  Their specialty is the blend of beef they use: sirloin, New York strip and ribeye.  It has an incredible way of making the burger seem light and oh so delicious – which is sort of cruel and amazing at the same time.  You can get a simple Average Joe burger or you can go all out for the aptly named Button Buster, which has braised short ribs, white cheddar, béarnaise sauce and crispy onions atop your burger. They also offer kobe beef, turkey, lamb and salmon varieties if you are looking for a spin on the traditional.

These photos are from my first visit, though I have been back two more times since…don’t judge me.  I honestly think I could go once a week.

cease+desist burger: cheese, caramelized onions & thousand island dressing

Along with a fantastic selection of burgers, they also have a yummy section of side options, including house made chips with crack dip (once you eat some, you totally get the name), fries with truffle cheese whiz (yes, that’s right, truffle), onion rings and fried pickles.  They are great to share with your table so you can get a little sampling of everything.

house made chips + crack dip

Also, they have a large selection of great craft beers on draft (more than a dozen) at very reasonable prices ($3-$8 a glass) as well as many more options in bottles.  The wait staff is great with suggestions on which beers to try, so I suggest you be adventurous and order something other than your usual Miller Lite or Yuengling.

I totally give them two giant thumbs up on the quality of the food and the service…and you can get out of there spending a measly $20-$25 on a very filling and delicious dinner with at least a beer or two.  So if you are a Pittsburgher or planning to visit soon, I suggest you get your behind to Brgr pronto…you will NOT be disappointed!

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    sign me up for truffle cheese whiz!

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