Restaurant Review: REDD

I had read reviews and heard great things about Richard Reddington’s REDD, also located in Yountville, but there were not enough nights for dinner!  So we decided to have lunch at this contemporary, yet elegant restaurant.  I’d say it surely lived up to the hype…

The food is served tapas style, small plates that are easy to share and try a variety.  Matt and I shared three of the chef’s offerings, which were all delicious, and I (of course) HAD to try dessert.  I go ga-ga for desserts…I’m not sure exactly why…I could go without ever having another chip or pretzel, but if you told me I had to live without sweets, I would drop dead right then and there.  I digress…now for the nitty gritty food details!

First was the fried aranchinis (fried balls of Italian rice) with lamb bolognese, fennel pollen and tapenade.  I fell in love with aranchini while studying abroad in Rome.  The little pizza place down the street from my apartment served them, and they were just amazing.  Since then I have vowed to learn how to make those little cheesy delicious rice balls…that needs to be a project for me and Mama Cheater Bite when I move home!

Next we had crisp duck confit, lentils,foie gras meatballs, and crispy spaetzle.  Extremely delicious, and rich, but the perfect portion to share and not feel like you indulged too much.

Lastly we tried one of the daily specials – a house made spring pea ravioli with spinach and parmesan foam.  Wow, was this good.  The pasta was light as air and the spring peas were super fresh and delicious.  And whoever thought up the concept of parmesan foam is a genius in my book…

The dessert I tried was fantastic as well.  It was a Meyer lemon meringue with huckleberries and cream cheese ice cream.  Great balance of flavors and not super sweet…I’d order it again!
Definitely a meal worth writing home about…I would like to go for dinner and see some of the larger dinner offerings.  I bet it would be a fun lively crowd as well, as opposed to the tame and quieter lunch bunch.

Tomorrow is the final post in our honeymoon get-away series…I’m wrapping it up with a post all about fabulous San Francisco!

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