San Francisco Fun!

After four glorious days in Napa, with a bag of French pastries in tow, we set out for a scenic drive through Sonoma, down the coast, through Muir Woods and Sausalito, and across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco.  What a fun drive!

Redwoods in Muir Woods


We arrived at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental on Nob Hill and were amazed at the views from the top of the hill, and the incline at which we needed to walk.  It really proved to be a pretty great location for all of the adventuring and walking we did during our stay.  We found a great rate on Travel Zoo for around $140 per night, so I jumped on that right away.  The rate also included two martinis at the famous Top of the Mark Lounge, which were delicious.  As a matter of fact, we had a drink there every night of our stay…it was the perfect end to our days – watching the sunset over the beautiful skyline and toasting to many more years of fun vacations.

Mark Hopkins

great view from Nob Hill

We ate some really great food in Chinatown, which was a fun adventure.  House of Nanking was okay, not the best Chinese food I’ve ever had and was a little overpriced for what we got.  Also, they only accepted cash and were not upfront about that, so we had to run to an ATM to get cash.  Kay Cheung Restaurant was a delicious spot for dim sum for lunch.  We were the only non-Cantonese people in there, and that is a good sign, because you know its good and not touristy.  We had no idea what we were eating, we just kept grabbing things off the trays that waitresses were coming around with.  Oh, and we ordered the most amazing bok choy everrrrrrr, so fresh and delicious.  We also ate at Great Eastern Restaurant which was awesome as well.  We had regular food instead of dim sum, and were not disappointed.  Very affordable for a large amount of food…best won ton soup I’ve had.  Everything was so fresh and the service was great.  Walking through Chinatown is really fun, and the two main streets are so very different.  Grant is the more touristy street with all of the shops and flashy store fronts, while Stockton is the true Chinatown.  We walked down Stockton early in the morning on our way to the Fisherman’s Wharf and it was amazing.  Everyone was out doing their shopping at the markets and all of the fresh produce was making my mouth water.  And the selection of mushrooms, my mother would have been in heaven…just walking down that street made me want to cook!

Dragon Gates

Other than eating and drinking constantly, we actually did a lot of hiking around and adventuring, which was a blast.  We hiked from Nob Hill, down California Street all the way to Lincoln Park and the ocean view trail.  On the way we stopped at Bill’s Place and devoured some great sandwiches (Matt had an awesome burger) and the greatest vanilla milkshake I’ve ever had.  Way to inhale a whole day’s worth of calories in one meal…needless to say, we surely walked it all off with the 9.5 miles of hilly San Francisco we covered on foot that day!  We walked along El Camino Del Mar and decided that if we ever strike it rich that’s where we want to live.  We hiked to Land’s End and saw some amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, then we decided to walk through the Presidio to the bridge.  Not sure I’d walk all the way from Nob Hill again, but I would definitely do the Land’s End trail and up through the Presidio again, the views were amazing.

fantastic Victorian architecture

beautiful gardens

El Camino del Mar

stopping to smell the roses

great shot of the bridge

view from Land's End

We spent another day at the Fisherman’s Wharf adventuring around as well as taking a tour of Alcatraz, which was fantastic.  We learned so much on the tour, on top of the amazing views you get from the island.  This was one of our favorite things we did in San Fran, so I highly recommend it.  We found some great little shops and art work, walked around Ghirardelli Square (and ate a hugely overpriced but delicious ice cream sundae) and saw the sea lions on Pier 39.

view of the city from Alcatraz

chocolatey goodness

enjoying my $9 sundae

Next time we go back, I think I would stay at the Argonaut Hotel in the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Despite being located in such a touristy spot, it’s a Kimpton property so it has a great boutique feel but is so close to everything.  We found this hotel when we ate a delicious lunch of chowder in bread bowls at The Blue Mermaid, the chowder house and bar attached to the Argonaut (that we sought out thanks to a recommendation from my friend Hannah, thanks Han!).

I’m sort of sad that this is my last post about our trip because it has been so fun to relive our trip through blogging about it!  I suppose we will just have to go back sooner rather than later!  We enjoyed eating and drinking our way through Northern California…and we threw in some adventuring and hiking in there as well.  It is definitely a destination that is at the top of my favorite places list.

Anyway, I’m sure you are itching for some new recipes and I do have several waiting to be posted!  Stay tuned for what I’ve been cooking for just me and some good cupcakes and muffins!

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    everything about your trip sounds fabulous! happy honeymoon….can’t wait to see what’s cooking next.

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