Sweet Valentine & the 1st Anniversary

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers!  I hope it was a day full of pink, flowers, cute cards, sweet treats and all things full of love!

delicious heart cookies from Enrico's

Or, maybe if you are like me, you were much to busy all together to do much celebrating.  This busyness could take the form of being swamped at work, ripping up the basement of your parents house, baking cupcakes for a colleagues farewell bash, 2 weeks away (exactly!) from closing on your new home, or all of the above.  We have been so swamped with life lately that I honestly FORGOT about Cheater Bites 1st birthday.  Bad mother.  It was on the 9th.  Between all of the madness happening lately and being out of town all weekend celebrating the hubby’s birthday, I haven’t had much time to sleep let alone be a respectable blogger.  I am really looking forward to getting into the new house and settle in with my routines, blogging included.  Hopefully then I’ll be able to fulfill one of my 2012 resolutions!

Anyway, thought I’d share a Cheater Bites valentine I created using Tagxedo (go check out the website, stat, you’ll spend a nice chunk of your day playing). It’s a festively shaped word cloud using all of the commonly used words from the entire blog.  Super cool.

When my brain starts working again, mostly likely not until the weekend, I will do a fun first blogiversary post for all of you.  But in the mean time, I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being awesome and caring even the teensist bit about what I’ve got going on over here!  I had so much fun sharing my kitchen experiences.  Here’s to you all!  Much love and big hugs!

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