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On Being a Working Mom…

Motherhood is amazing.  I am constantly in awe of my child and can’t believe how much joy Connor brings to my life.  Just today, I said to Matt, “can you believe we made this kid? How amazing is that?”  I have so much love in my heart when I look at him.  I want to be […]

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First Birthday Fun!

Connor’s First Birthday was May 20th.  Hold on, let me get my megaphone…ONE!!!  How did I blink and a my tiny baby is a toddler???  We celebrated with close family and friends on Memorial Day weekend.  It was a blast. Party planning is my crack, it’s almost therapeutic for me.  The ability to create something […]

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Love to the Mamas

Last Mother’s Day I was reallly pregnant.  How can you be reallly pregnant, you ask?  Imagine that you put on about 30 pounds, your body temperature consistently feels like at oven, and your ankles are so swollen that it looks like your calves ate them.  Sounds awesome, eh?  I was in that weepy part of […]

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{Baby Babble} Starting Solids Favorite Finds

After just about 5 months of solid food eating at this house, here are the products we couldn’t live without! 1. Munchkin Bowls 5 pack $4.49 –  These are a perfect size and price point.  I’m sure there are plenty of good bowls out there, but these work for us! 2. Joovy Nook High Chair $149.99 – We […]

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{Baby Babble} Starting Solids

So since this is a blog about food and I have a baby, I figure it’s about time I share our experience with starting solid foods with Connor! Now, as a disclaimer, I do not claim to be an expert, and it’s always best to review things with your pediatrician.  I will just share what […]

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